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    14 Nov 2012 - 06:46:12 am

    Why Quit The Habit?

    Smoking and Its Hazards To Your Health

    Living A Healthy Life
    The world we live today is highly risky when it comes to human health. As medical breakthroughs are created, diseases also evolve, and there are people who have to face the consequences of their disregard for their health. Sickness occur no matter how we would not ask for it; however, many of times, the causes are understandable—for diseases happen mostly because of personal input. Smoking is one of greatest health killers of the present generation. Like a poison, it weakens the body, and if a person will not quit the habit, huge is the possibility, that he will suffer a smoking-related disease in the near future.

    Stopping smoking is a very difficult endeavor any smoker would attest. It is very hard, but is not impossible. Many people would be able to win over cigarette addiction if they will try their best, for it takes real determination to kick off the habit especially it roots in deep nicotine addiction.

    One of the known reasons why cigarette smoking is never advisable for any individual is because it is dangerous to the health. It causes lung cancers, cardiovascular diseases, stroke, tuberculosis, and many health problems which can bring a person into deathbed. Moreover, diseases caused by smoking is not the peril alone. Since a person's immunity is at stake when he smokes, he becomes more vulnerable to diseases and when one strikes, it makes difficult to recover.

    If you are a smoker, you can decide whether you will continue the vice despite the peril it brings, or let go of the habit for a better, and healthier lifestyle. Promising yourself that you will quit is not just a word or realization to speak, you have to incorporate it with action in order for the decision you made to provide impact in your life. Realistically, you will be bombarded with mixed emotions the day you tell yourself that you will quit. Do not let the temptation to smoke stop you. In times you feel getting back to the habit, stick to your decision and remind yourself of the reasons why you quit.

    Before you go to “quitting proper,” what truly is/are your driving force to quit the habit? It may not only be for health reasons. Others can be:

    • the savings you will get from not buying cigarettes.

    • the time you spend buying, lighting, or hanging around with a lit cigarette, can be used for more profitable moment with yourself, your family, and/or your friends.

    • a fresher breath, than a cigarette-smelling one.

    • setting a good example to your kids.

    There is no need to rush. When you want to make quitting effective as possible, you need to endure it with time. While waiting for the day that you will fully quit puffing, cut back your cigarette consumption two to three sticks lower than the usual.  You can even write the reasons for your quitting to motivate you to continue your endeavor for good. There are lots for reasons and ways to quit the old and bad habit, do not fear. Take this as a challenge you have to win over your self. Do not forget, “You can, if you will.”
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